The Rothschild Corporation is a woman- and minority-owned Houston-based company that is focused on improving company and employee performance with leadership, soft skills, and computer skills training; and project and change management services. The Rothschild Corporation has expanded its service offerings through a strategic alliance in the e-learning environment enabling it to offer a more extensive learning management system that will track employees from pre-hire to retire.

Project Management

Does your organization have effective project management processes and/or Project Management Office to manage large projects so your people can focus on your business? What about outsourcing those projects or the development of your own Project Management Office?

The Rothschild Corporation (Rothschild) can help you develop effective project management processes and/or a Project Management Office to manage large projects so your people can focus on your business. Rothschild can manage your projects as your outsource turnkey operation or consulting partner throughout any or all phases of the project.

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Strategic Planning

strategicWhat is Strategy? What is Strategic Planning? How can your organization develop exceptional strategies and effective Action Plans?

Strategic Planning can mean many things. The Rothschild Corporation will consult with your leadership team to develop your agenda in order to arrive at the solutions you need. Rothschild can consult with your team on establishing solid governance processes, or we can facilitate Executive Strategic Planning workshops. You will end up with defined goals and objectives with action plans to implement. Or you may require Rothschild to develop your business case for key initiatives. Newer organizations may even want Rothschild to develop your business plan. The Rothschild Corporation can help you reach your goals.

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Let The Rothschild Corporation assist you in the transition events and growth improvement within your organization.

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Branding, Marketing, and Positioning


There are usually three basic questions that should be understood before trying to create your brand and marketing strategy. What is your brand? How do you use the brand? How does your marketing strategy promote your brand?

The Rothschild Corporation can create your brand, develop your marketing program and position your product or service clearly in the mind of your consumer.

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Change Management

strategic planning

Does your organization have the buy-in of all the stakeholders for changes in culture, software or tools, relocation, or new ownership? Have you prepared your stakeholders (employees, vendors, partners) to be proficient in implementing the change?

The Rothschild Corporation can assist the owners and employees

  1. Examine your motives;
  2. Prepare your employees for change;
  3. Set common goals;
  4. Define new roles.
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